Mykonos is a Greek Island which is a part of the Cyclades that lies between Syros, Paros, Naxos, and Tinos. Mykonos was under the control of the Romans during the Roman Empire and became part of the Byzantine Empire until 12th century. In 1537, the island was attacked by the Hayreddin Barbarossa, the admiral of Suleiman the Magnificent. But Mykonos prospered in trading attracting many immigrants from nearby islands.

Mykonos spans an area of 85.5 square kilometers and raise to an elevation of 341 meters. The island has no rivers, but has seasonal streams in which two of the streams are converted into reservoirs. Mykonos has gained the nickname of “Capri of Greece” because of rich beaches. Most of the inhabitants are living in the main town of Chora and the islands population is 12,500 and still growing.

The islands climate is dry season in which the sun shines up for about 300 days a yearly and rains in the month of February and March only. In the island there are two seasonal winds- the first one in winter that arrives from south and is accompanied by electrical storms. The Sirocco, a famous wind of southern, it carries sand from the deserts. In summer a cool wind comes from north during July and August.

There are many famous restaurants that you can dine. These restaurants are situated in beautiful garden, you and your family will have an unforgettable dining experience serving the best authentic Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. With the beautiful surrounding, excellent customer service and possess the flexibility to handle all your needs from a romantic candle lighting dinner, group and family dinner or ever business meeting and other social events. A wide variety of selection when it comes to wines from the Greek vineyards. Where in Greeks are known for the premium and outstanding wines all over the world that can complement the dishes to make your meal complete and satisfactory. You can also have reservations in the restaurants you choose for fine dining.

The government of the island is known for its New Democracy obtained by the highest vote in rank on Mykonos and to be followed by the Coalition of the Radical Left.

One of the famous landmarks of the island Mykonos is the Municipal Library, it is an 18th century mansion and has 8,000 volumes and vast collection of 18th to 19th century photographs. The library is located on Ayia Kyriaki Square in the town of Chora. The second most famous landmark in the island of Mykonos is the Pertros the Pelican. It is an old celebrity of town’s waterfront.

In 50 years, “Petros” has been the official mascot of Nykonos. He permanently resided in the island after a storm in 1954 and after the death of Petros the residents of the island chose and elected a successor to carry the legacy until today. Next is the Mykonos windmills, it is the defining features of the islanders landscape. Most of the mills are concentrated built in the town Chora. The famous “Kato Mili, in Chora (Greek for lower mills), stands in row on the hill overlooking the sea to harness the strong winds from the north.

Another landmark is the Little Venice, the line of houses in the waterfront with the verandas hanging over the sea. Today, some of these houses are converted into bars and cafes and little shops and galleries for business purposes. It is considered as the most romantic places and spots of the island, and many people used to gather there to watch the sunset. The area attracts many visitors and artists who come to paint the picturesque coastline. Another is the Armenistis Lighthouse it is one of the Mykonos’ maritime histories and still has a fully functioning lighthouse. It is located in Fanari, which means lanter in Greek. Another is the Tria Pigadia this is a three identical wells in the mid-town of Chora and it is standing in a row. It was built to provide the town with water. It is just 6-5 meters deed but the water was more accessible unlike other modern wells which are about over 30 meters deep. Another landmark of the Mykonos Island is the Archeological Museum of Mykonos it was built in 1905. It is considered as one of the oldest and famous museums in Greece, designed by Alexandros Lykakis and it was funded by the Ministry of Education and the Archeological Society of Athens. Another museum that is very famous in the island of Mykonos is the Aegean Maritime Museum it was founded in 1983 by the Mykonian GeorgeM. Drakopulos and it was opened in 1985, preserving and promoting the study of Greek maritime history and tradition as their goal. The museum was the first in Geece that restored and rescued the living historical exhibits to operate where in it was originally designed and built.

One of the most famous architectural structures in Greece is the Panagia Paraportiani (the Church of Our Lady). The church received the name Paraportiani meaning “standing next to the entrance/ door” because it’s location in next to the entrance of the castle or the kastro door. The kastro where it was located was used to be the site of the medieval castle. The only church on the island Mykonos was constructed in 1668. The image of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus was transported from Venice to Mykonos in 1715. But part of the church was damaged because of fire. But the church was restored and re-opened to the public on October 1997.

Transportation is not a problem for those who want to visit the island because Mykonos Airport is located 4 kilometers southeast of the Mykonos and is served during summer by the international flights. The island is also accessible by ferries and boat. Mykonos can be reached through buses, taxis, and boats.

In the movie “The Bourne Identity”, the Little Venice was one of the settings in a small tourist shop. The film then captured the beautiful panorama of the Mykonos Island.